Volunteers Needed for Celiac Disease Research at Stanford University

April 2015  – Volunteers are needed for a genetic study on celiac disease at Stanford University. Please consider participating in this research effort. Community participation is an essential component of Stanford’s celiac disease research. The research benefits all of us and future generations.

Announcement from Stanford:

We are conducting a study to understand the genetic basis of celiac disease.  Families with at least one parent and one child with celiac disease are encouraged to enroll together.

The study involves:

–  A one-time blood donation

Participation requirements for families:

–  A parent and a child with a diagnosis of celiac disease made by a physician
–  A parent and a child without a diagnosis of celiac disease

For more information on the study, please contact our Stanford Celiac Study team:cedunn@stanford.edu

For general information about patient rights, please contact: 1-866-680-2906

Additional information:

– Participants can live anywhere in the United States. Stanford can send a phlebotomist from a commercial lab to your home throughout the country.

– Participants do not incur any costs and are not compensated.

– In the parent/child pairs, the “child” can be an adult.

– Stanford University’s celiac studies are for academic purposes to improve the understanding of celiac disease.


Source: http://www.celiaccommunity.org/stanford-celiac-genetic-study/